Touch Eventsの特許についてPAGができた

Web Events WGから出ているTouch Events仕様について、Appleが11月に自社の特許をdiscloseしている。

これを受けてTouch Events Patent Advisory Groupなんてのができたらしい。こんなことをするそうな。

The Touch Events PAG has the scope to:

  • study the patent and the applications in question and discuss its impact on the Touch Events version 1
  • seek prior art that may apply to the use of Touch Events
  • discuss ways to design around the claims of patent and applications
  • explore ways to come to an agreement with Apple to continue work on Touch Events version 1 as a Royalty-Free specification
  • write a PAG report with recommendations for the W3C Director
  • if necessary, request an analysis by a W3C patent counsel of the claim. This analysis will only be made if there are sufficient funds for that purpose be made available via the Web Legal Support Fund. Legal analysis could only begin after sufficient commitment of additional funds to support the work.

もともとTouch Interface WGとして計画されていた段階からUIの特許が絡むんではないかと言われていたけれど、やっぱりそうなったかあと。

Web Events WGのteleconでも取り上げられて、今後どうしようかという話がされている。

DS: it is possible for us to use a different touch model e.g. what Microsoft implemented

AB: there is also a proposal that Sangwhan said he would submit

DS: are other people open to the idea of using a different model? … want to know if people would change their implementation

MB: I think we would be open to implementing another model … I think the question is whether there would be other mobile vendors that would use it

OP: which windows model are you referring to Doug?

DS: WP 7

AB: yes, we would be interested in looking at other models … having a RF standard for touch events is really important for the OWP … Perhaps the PAG will ask the WG for alternate proposals

DS: I don't think the PAG should make such a request because it kinda means they have ruled the patents are applicable … I think the WG should look for alternatives

AB: yes, good point … is there an action for you or me or someone else?

DS: I think everyone should ask internally about this

AB: I agree

違うモデルを検討することも視野にはいってるよう。MicrosoftのモデルでWindows Phone 7とあるけど、これはWindows 8のやつではないかねえ。Microsoftのやつはマウスとタッチをいっしょに扱うので、タッチ依存なものができなくてよいかなあとなんとなく思うんだけど。そういえばあれはダブルタップのための待ちとかどうしてるんだろう。反応悪いんだろうか。Windowsだからダブルクリック(タップ)の速度をカスタマイズできるんだろうか。

ただ、AppleもMicrosoftもWeb Events WGに参加していないので、どうなるんだろう。PAGの報告待ちか。